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Our Story

3 generations of taste and innovation

Indian tradition has a long history of use of spice in food as taste enhancer. They also believe that use of spice blends in the right proportions helps in treating various diseases and digestive function. The community, in the recent years, has taken an interest in understanding the traditional & medicinal properties of Indian spices.  


Spices form a vital part of South Indian traditional food which are used to enhance the flavor of a dish. The most commonly used spices are black pepper, coriander, black mustard, cumin, garlic, tamarind, turmeric, chili pepper, curry leaves, asafoetida, etc.


DeccanDiaries has taken a keen interest in blending the spices using the processes that were invented and developed over the years by our ancestors.  These are blended proportionally to enhance the flavor of any dish. There are many healthy food options that are available in the market but traditional methods seem to be the best and the most preferred method passed on from generation to generation. 

DeccanDiaries is also using the traditional methods in modern cooking and creating exotic flavors of food. 

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