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Nothing brings people together like festivals do. They play a pivotal role in bringing the family together. We are dependent on social heritage, which is a mixture of customs, traditions and moral values.

Unfortunately, today we are all strapped for time. To add to that, the COVID pandemic has left us all house bound. We believe festivals are more than just offering prayers, it helps us stay in touch with our roots. We want to help you focus on what is important, Family Time. Leave the arrangement of goods to Sadhana Box.

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Accepting only pre-orders.
Last day to order 5th September,2021
Delivery will be done between 6th - 9th September

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!) What is Seed Ganapathy?

Seed Ganapathy is an eco-friendly Ganesha idol with seeds in it, that grows into a plant once dissolved.​

2) How to perform Ganapathy Visarjan/dissolve seed Ganapathy?

You can do the visarjan in a garden ground , plant pot or anything that can hold a plant to grow. Place the Seed Ganapathy inside the vessel and pour water on it. Within 30 - 45 mins it will be fully dissolved.

3) What type of seeds are inside the Ganapathy idols?

We are providing Tulsi seeds

4) How long does it take the plant to grow?

It depends on the plant variety, the environment, amount of sunlight and water. 

5) How is Seed Ganapathy made?

Seed Ganapathy is made of red soil, natural composts and seeds.

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