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Puliogre Gojju 100Gms

Puliogre Gojju 100Gms


The origin of Puliogare recipe is closely associated to the Iyengar community of South India. It is an integral part of the festive and wedding menu. The Iyengar version has an extra dose of jaggery and desiccated coconut (kopra).

The classic Puliogare is spicy yet tangy and it tastes better a few hours after its prepared.

We provide an authentic experience of preparing Puliogare by giving seasoning items separately which retains the fresh taste. 

Size: 1000Gr
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    We are providing all the seasoning items seperately to maintain the fresh taste and aroma of puliogare once prepared. This is mild sweet and spice mix of tamarind paste with traditional spice blends added to it. 

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